Rec.Juggling Archive, January 21, 1996

21-014847 Phil Paxton          Re: Breaking in balls....
21-034636 DR TE$TH & THE ELECT Need vid or explanation of mill's mess.
21-053844 Dan Smith            Re: WWW Racquetball Tournament
21-065758 Re: Anybody go to the IJA Winterfest?
21-070254 Re: Juggling music
21-073540 George A Strain      Jugglers in Oslo?
21-080233 Re: Palm-to-Palm transfers?
21-081937 Andrew John Conway   re: Puppets and Juggling
21-081939 Andrew John Conway   Re: Cirque de Soleil
21-081942 Andrew John Conway   Re: Latest Updates to the JIS Festival Pages
21-091458 Michael Ferguson     Re: Breaking in balls....
21-125230 Bram                 Re: Cirque du Soleil (on TV)
21-213446 Juggling Information complete lasso book now online at the JIS
21-224117 Dr Phil Gurney       Best filling for "baloon" balls?
21-224357 Ice Princess         Pittsbrgh fest on Feb. 10th?

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