Rec.Juggling Archive, January 19, 1996

19-080314 Steven T Spallone    Palm-to-Palm transfers?
19-094159 Zarg from the planet Re: Dubie's MELT!
19-101248 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Updates to the JIS Festival Pages
19-134744 Gedaliah Friedenberg Re: Dubie's MELT!
19-151239 The Six Bells        Re: London Juggling
19-151900 The Six Bells        Cirque de Soleil
19-154443 Jonathan Wiltse      Video juggling collections
19-164845 Daniel B.            Re: London Juggling
19-171912 Chris Dunlop         Re: Juggling music
19-184535 Phil Paxton          Re: Dubie's MELT!
19-205459 l. thomas            MADFEST in review
19-212712 R Ward               Re: Cirque du Soleil

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