Rec.Juggling Archive, January 16, 1996

16-000943 Andrew John Conway   Re: Contact Juggling Advice
16-055328 Phil Paxton          Re: Fergi's GROW!
16-092655 James Petry          Re: Fergi's GROW!
16-112301 Tyrone               Cirque du Soleil
16-134535 John J Lee           Re: [..] some five club starts.
16-151500 Masaki Nishikawa     Juggling mailing-list in Japanese
16-154341 David T. Neal Jr.    The highest quality sticks out there
16-162645 Daniel B.            Re: The Juggling Axe
16-163218 Paul M. Hudert       Re: tricky MM
16-170952 Steven Athearn       Going to Atlanta Fest
16-183924 Alan Morgan          Re: Contact Juggling Advice
16-184422 Alan MacDonald       Re: Contact Juggling Advice

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