Rec.Juggling Archive, January 11, 1996

11-012752 Joseph Felber        Re: Double Summit
11-014557 Nathan Hoover        Re: Bouncing
11-044038   Ringling Bro's Poster
11-073607 Gerry Gaffney        Re: Bouncing
11-092121 Michael Ferguson     Re: Seven ball Multiplex
11-092424 Michael Ferguson     Re: Club novelties (I think)
11-110305 Geoff Thorpe         Re: The long road to five clubs?
11-193423 James J. Barlow      Re: devil stick sites
11-231018 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling instruction.
11-231020 "C Wright"           Re: Eric's Extension *easily*,
11-231021 "C Wright"           Re: Seven ball Multiplex
11-231022 "C Wright"           Re: mills mess
11-235904 David Berg, Dynacon  Re: Juggling club insurance

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