Rec.Juggling Archive, December 10, 1995

10-005021 Bennett Z. Kobb      Re: IJA Hilights Video (Las Vegas)
10-053844 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: Bosom Buddies
10-063233 Mark Headley         anybody have a juggling mailing list
10-151302 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: Time
10-172736 Dave Walbridge       Re: HOW DO I JUGGLE?
10-180132 R Biegler            more diabolo (longish)
10-183546 Martin Frost         Swiss festival in July '96
10-193420 Barry Bakalor        Re: Hat manipulation
10-204046 Virginia A. Knight   Message rerouted
10-231339 Juggling Information new Juggling Papers section at the JIS

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