Rec.Juggling Archive, December 7, 1995

07-001647 Barry L. Sperling    Trivia Time!
07-002017 Seth Golub           Re: mills mess with devil sticks?
07-010548 Barry Bakalor        Re: Standard/No through Mills Mess
07-022554 Richard Black        Karamazov Brothers do Shakespeare
07-034336 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: IJA Hilights Video (Las Vegas)
07-045257 Barry Friedman       Any Grand Rapids, MI Jugglers?
07-063604 Benjamin Hess        Hat manipulation
07-070152 Bftsplk              W.C.Fields Juggling
07-071250 tag powell           Anyone Know Kenny Sherborn?
07-103751 Brian D Milner       Re: Question re W.C. Fields Juggling - Reply
07-112550 R Ward               Re: Juggling After Dark
07-113026 R Ward               Re: Juggling After Dark
07-122347 Stu Carter           Re: **Need help on starting new juggling store
07-124739 Masaki Nishikawa     Re: IJA Hilights Video (Las Vegas)
07-131547 Dave Budd            Re: HOW DO I JUGGLE?
07-132451 William Allyn        !ATTN All Juggling Clubs!
07-133902 William Allyn        Re: Tendon Trouble
07-140654 Bennett Z. Kobb      Re: hand bruises
07-141759 Glyn Hanton          Re: Juggling After Dark
07-142923 Pat Nealy            Re: Juggling Clubs
07-151535 Lovelace, Janell     Re: buying equipment
07-170640 David Sauer          Re: HOW DO I JUGGLE?
07-183201   Re: Karamazov Brothers do Shakespeare
07-183633 Tim Drozinski        Re: HOW DO I JUGGLE?
07-200940 R Ward               Juggling Unicylist Statue
07-202102 Hart Family          Re: Devil Sticks
07-203528 M. Butler            Re: Juggling instruction.
07-203617 Hart Family          Re: Juggling Clubs
07-204439 Hart Family          Re: hand bruises
07-215830 Sauron               Re: From The Travellers
07-220332 Daniel Collins       Re: Clown Stilts, How's It Done?
07-222309 Daniel Collins       Re: hand bruises
07-233718 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling instruction.

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