Rec.Juggling Archive, December 5, 1995

05-004231            Standard/No through Mills Mess
05-015101 Darral Good          do we have any balloon artists here?
05-031938 Jim McNeely          Diabolo and devil sticks
05-043751 Andrew John Conway   Re: Stealing Tricks
05-072720 Barry Friedman       Re: Rastelli Centennial
05-093324 John Kennett         REPOST Calling friendly South African jugglers
05-095533 I Gede Suparsa       Re: Devil Sticks
05-104224 Never                HOW DO I JUGGLE?
05-125155 Chris Raper          Re: hand bruises
05-130108 Ed Porteous          Re: Funky Mess
05-140941 J.T.Thorpe           Re: Need Cash?!! (Don't You?)
05-140956 Laura Reynolds       Re: Need Cash?!! CAN WE PLEASE LET THIS THREAD
05-142214 Glenn Reader         Learning 5 Balls (not short)
05-143252 Alan MacDonald       Re: Juggling in Advertising
05-163830 Sarah Tuttle         13 Club Feed
05-174750 John J Lee           Re: Funky Mess
05-184944 Zarg from the planet Re: Need Cash?!! CAN WE PLEASE LET THIS THREAD
05-195035 TIEMANN BRUCE        Puzzles, schmuzzles. (Was: Juggling in Adverti
05-200754 Virginia Ann Knight  Re: HOW DO I JUGGLE?
05-222458 Nathan Hoover        Re: How Long?
05-230003 Bill Stainton        where to buy pogo stick
05-235857 Andrew John Conway   Re: **Need help on starting new juggling store

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