Rec.Juggling Archive, November 27, 1995

27-000417 Andrew John Conway   1066 and all that...
27-024325 Scott Malone         Re: JugglePro for Mac Wanted
27-035151 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re: Iowa Fest -- A Review in three parts
27-044243 BJMarah              Re: Clear Ball?
27-052740 Richard "The Fromper Re: How Long?
27-093706 Rupert Voelcker      Re: Next Convention is?
27-111253 R Street             Steve Healy, for your eyes only...
27-141945 te2961s@acad.drake.e DeKalb, Ill jugglers?
27-153806 Bill King            Re: ball bouncing
27-154426 Andrew John Conway   Re: performer/agency list uk?
27-155124 earliest claimed use of crystal balls for jugg
27-161042 nd9420700-Schaeffer  Columbus, Ohio - Juggling Club
27-161859 Re: Let's kill that damn bridge question, once
27-171207 Phil Beecher         performer/agency list uk?
27-195429 L. Thomas            Re: michael moshen
27-214439 Madelyn Dinnerstein  A brother of a celebrity can juggle
27-230748 George Strain        Re: atlanta convention?

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