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12-014952 Jay Green props - an historical note
12-042837 Andrew John Conway   Re: YES YES YES I DID IT!!!
12-054812     Re: Scientific American and Beyond
12-054830     Re: Clear Ball?
12-054849     Re: Devilmaster
12-105554 Juggling in Magic Realism (Was: J in Sci. F. &
12-113342 Duane Starcher       Re: jay gilligan sez...
12-121024 Re: Just on Fox TV
12-121705 Re: starting 5 rings in one hand
12-131359 te2961s@acad.drake.e Jugglers in film
12-165213 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re: juggling five balls over my head
12-165231 Dr. Steven M. Salber Re: Calvin juggles-but for how much longer???
12-182622 JKalvan              UK jugglers - did you see Secrets?
12-204030 sean gandini         Re: The Science of Juggling
12-224122 John J Lee           Funky Mess
12-234933 Steve Elledge        info

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