Rec.Juggling Archive, November 10, 1995

10-004943 GORDON WILLIAMS      Juggling Books in Toronto?
10-014229 Brent Dane           Re: Need Cash?!! (Don't You?)
10-015326 Devin J Balkcom      Name for trick?
10-020416 Gregory Cohen        Just on Fox TV
10-030702 Barry Bakalor        notations for dance and juggling
10-045729 Re: jay gilligan sez...
10-051438 Re: starting 5 rings in one hand
10-061405 Texas aggie          One more time: CALLING ALL CLOWNS thank you
10-081658 Peter Bendall        Fire Eating Video
10-091312 SQUID & MARITA MITCH Finding FAQ
10-091534 Stewart Hutton       Defacing Books (was jay gilligan sez...)
10-100044 Glyn Hanton          Re: Getting pretty trails of fire when spinnin
10-104025 Andrew John Conway   Re: YES YES YES I DID IT!!!
10-104028 Andrew John Conway   Re: We have a winner! (for what it's worth)
10-104032 Andrew John Conway   Re: 'Period' clubs, rings, etc?
10-115051 Innocent X           Re: Daily Fix
10-132610 John Kennett         Calling Friendly South African Jugglers!
10-134046 FERGIE8              Re: No question is too basic--help is our rais
10-141632 Gillmer J. Derge     Re: Just on Fox TV
10-142737 L. Thomas            JUGGLEFEST UPDATE: Boppo in my cereal, kudos I
10-150837 Allan Becker         devilsticks
10-151831 Allan Becker         rec.devilsticks
10-152007 Allan Becker         Re: YES YES YES I DID IT!!!
10-152227   Juggling on TV
10-155518 Alan MacDonald       Re: black light and mill's mess
10-155756 Joran Elias          A somewhat different 4 club question
10-160035       Re: upcoming Juggling in the news - watch for 
10-164119 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: A somewhat different 4 club question
10-170439 TonyDunc             Re: Scientific American and Beyond
10-171212 TonyDunc             Re: Simple palm rolling - long  (Was: Munch ju
10-172018 Francis Favorini     Re: The Science of Juggling
10-173600 TonyDunc             Re: jay gilligan sez...
10-174527 David 'Mort' Mortman Bottle Juggling on Babylon 5
10-175308 Jason Griffey        Fyreballs?
10-180748 Alan MacDonald       Re: swapgen: segmentation fault under Linux
10-181315 Alan Morgan          Re: 9 Ball Flash
10-201826 Francis Favorini     Re: juggling robots
10-210529 NaSGlen              Re: question
10-211608 Arthur Lewbel        Re: Piano (was Re: Anti-spam spam)
10-215845 "C Wright"           Re: Scientific American and Beyond
10-215846 "C Wright"           Re: What next?
10-215847 "C Wright"           Re: The Science of Juggling
10-235200 Barry L. Sperling    Barry G Speaks! (er, writes)

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