Rec.Juggling Archive, October 11, 1995

11-001032 Andrew John Conway   Re: Aussie Jugglers
11-010102 Alan MacDonald       Re: A new name, the _crescent_ pattern, and ab
11-024358 Shay Telfer          Re: Aussie Jugglers
11-034736 Peter Milway         Re: My joke was - 'STOLEN!'
11-041733 Julie Pizor          Juggling stores in Philly
11-083847 71003.3362@compuserv Juggling on British TV
11-093750 Andrew John Conway   Lodi Thanks
11-094250 Jack Boyce           Re: The old block I'm a chip off of, or, why I
11-095927 Jack Boyce           Re: Passing records again
11-103427 Andrew John Conway   Re: left halfshowers, and unified entertainmen
11-135127 R Ward               Juggling on British TV
11-160003 Bill King            Re: Origins of Juggling
11-165131 Brian D Milner       London (UK) International Circus Festival
11-170931 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Mondo Jugglefest !
11-173654 623865 RIJEN  P.J.M. medical reports
11-175800 Alan Morgan          Re: Passing records again
11-180934 Selki                Re: cirque du soleil
11-181842 The Edible Dormouse  A very late convention review - Philadelphia
11-181858 Selki                Juggling on "Dweebs"
11-211950 TIEMANN BRUCE        Of moons and crescents...
11-220943 Robert Vancko        New Multiplex Passing Trick
11-231204 bakalor mark russell Re: Juggling on "Dweebs"
11-235105 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Re: Juggling on "Dweebs"

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