Rec.Juggling Archive, October 2, 1995

02-022527 Scott Haney          Re: Showering left-handed
02-072511 KKYMNKY              Re: Juggling on T.V.
02-080030 Bean                 Any Interesting Diabolo Tricks?
02-080636 Andrew John Conway   Re: history of juggling - please help
02-080640 Andrew John Conway   Re: Ok, ok, fine, I'll admit it...
02-091649 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Updates on the JIS
02-092110 Rupert Voelcker      Octobers Fests on the JIS
02-123100 Dave Budd            Re: Snoggling
02-140316 NY Fed Research 3    Sprint and More balls than Most
02-142105 Tim Sheppard         Re: Video Poll Results... (how depressing!)
02-143856 Rob Stone            RE: mills mess with clubs
02-153957 Allen Knutson        Re: passing record
02-160407 Scott Allen Cain     JUGGLING / JOGGLING FEST
02-161243 Dan McDonald         Re: Devil Sticks/FlowerSticks
02-173638 Doug Harris          Info about Sigfrido Aguilar?
02-173654 Innocent X           Re: unicycle
02-180216 Alan Morgan          Re: Snoogling, and tips for showering backward
02-185436 Ralph Becker         HotJava Learn-to-Juggle page
02-221738 FERGIE8              Re: JUGGLING / JOGGLING FEST
02-223635 Kenneth P Payson     THE PITTSBURGH JUGGlING FESTIVAL
02-231500 Mike Hout            World Record Day at Fairmont

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