Rec.Juggling Archive, September 15, 1995

15-000715 Madelyn Dinnerstein  [ Re: Juggling in Commerci
15-003351 KMJ1                 Re: Performance Rights Available
15-005710 naomi ellen beingess Juggling in Vancouver
15-045407 Gregory Cohen        Re: Devil's/Flower Sticks for sale
15-050649 Re: The four cascade, festival prices, and cop
15-055625 Michael Fouche       How much can crowds see?
15-095445 Innocent X           Re: hot stuff.
15-102217 Alastair Rae         Re: Balloon Animals?
15-131123 Alan MacDonald       Re: Crystal, schmystal says curmudgeon
15-144508 Dave Budd            Found and GIF'd EJC(Leeds) pics
15-153109 Steven Hall          juggling slime (fwd)
15-164024 Bagpuss              Where's the Jugglers Web Page?
15-174653 Belated PJF'95 Review
15-190003 KMJ1                 Re: juggling slime (fwd)
15-220225 OscarCatz            Re: Devil/Flower Sticks Go Mainstream
15-222844 OscarCatz            Re: Making Juggling Balls is Dangerous
15-225033 Dr. Steven Salberg   Address for Albert Lucas
15-225109 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: Four club showering...
15-225208 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: Las Vegas Videos
15-225259 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: Balloon Animals?
15-225356 Dr. Steven Salberg   Re: IJA Festivals
15-235304 Dirk Swart           Re: What to learn next?

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