Rec.Juggling Archive, August 8, 1995

08-001144 Steven Chance        Fire Balls
08-002443 Marcus P Hertlein    Silly juggling location(s)
08-004246 Ken Iwasa            Re: 5 Ball Cascade, walking forwards
08-010209 TIEMANN BRUCE        pickups = breaks?, and being zoned out
08-015938 Francis Favorini     Re: Difficulty counting throws
08-020004 Lawrence D Dardick   my wife wants stilts
08-023056 JKalvan              Re: Difficulty counting throws
08-031011 Graham Constantine   Re: Juggling and RSI/OOS
08-042813 Alison MILDENHALL    Re: Finally, women are doing it !!!
08-043602 Robert Neff          Re: Michael Moschen
08-045643 Bill Brandon         I am *so glad* to find this group!
08-050403 Robert Neff          Re: who juggles? men, women, scientists, etc.,
08-055227 Steven Chance        Help Please...
08-060259 Jim Lloyd            Re: Difficulty counting throws
08-065944     Re: flaming torches
08-085810 Rupert Voelcker      Latest JIS Festival Update
08-090147 Rupert Voelcker      Aug/Sept fests on the JIS
08-145531 NY Fed Research 3    Philly Convention?
08-150708 Andrew Arhelger      Re: Trying to learn 4 club criss cross pattern
08-152854 Don Lewis            re: I am *so glad* .....
08-162733 Zarg                 Re: 5 Ball Cascade
08-163853 Barry Bakalor        Re: Info request
08-164425 HanfordJK            Re: Juggling classes for kids
08-165038 Francis Favorini     Re: Trying to learn 4 club criss cross pattern
08-173327 Glyn Hanton          Re: Difficulty counting throws
08-173600 Jim Lloyd            Re: Looking Through the Pattern (was Re: Diffi
08-182940 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: 5 Ball Cascade, walking forwards
08-184116 Robbie Berks         Re: Difficulty counting throws
08-185523 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: being zoned out
08-205857 Le Grand Toby Orange Re: Hard science types/teachers
08-213334 rhasty@beta.centenar Re: Finally, women are doing it !!!
08-220912 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Silly juggling location(s)
08-222640 James J. Barlow      New Devilstick Book Review
08-223017 Stuart Celarier      Re: Winter IJA Fest
08-224006 Stuart Celarier      Re: IJA Newsletter
08-235328 "C Wright"           Re: Silly juggling location(s)

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