Rec.Juggling Archive, July 31, 1995

31-000607 DAN TRUESDALE        gravity boots
31-001553 a cartoon character  Re: Vegas: one more reap
31-023249 Clown Poet Philosoph M. Jackson DevStx In LV
31-035512 Rob Worman           Michael Moschen in the latest Smithsonian Mag.
31-090543 "Zarg (Aka Andrew)"  Re: More chainsaw juggling
31-100027 Godot7               Re: juggling comedy
31-100709 Godot7               Re: Anthony and little tricks (reply)
31-102031 Roberto Cazzaro      Re: Multimedia Juggling Lessons
31-105146 Glyn Hanton          Re: Crawley Juggling Convention III
31-121607 Alastair Rae         Re: More chainsaw juggling
31-124713 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Update on the JIS
31-153829 Jon Mason            Re: 5 Ball Cascade
31-161609 Ram Prasad           Re: 5 Ball Cascade
31-173343 Alan Morgan          Re: Juggling sticks
31-184112 ben.decker@vousbbs.c Re: buying jokes, Was: Anthony and little tric
31-185428 ben.decker@vousbbs.c Re: juggling comedy
31-210827 Phil Paxton          Moschen in Smithsonian
31-210929 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Fergie bags
31-215918 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling in the Movies
31-220508 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling on Cereal Boxes
31-223041 JKalvan              Re: 5 Ball Cascade
31-224615 Miko O'Sullivan      Re: The Brothers Karamazov
31-230521 Dan McDonald         Re: vegas
31-234640 Dave W. Buchanan     T-shirts, was Re: One Liners
31-234928 Dan McDonald         Re: Las Vegas Diary, III
31-235552 Dave W. Buchanan     Re: conention videos ?
31-235932 Dan McDonald         Re: Winter IJA Fest (was Re: Vegas RECAP -- CL

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