Rec.Juggling Archive, July 29, 1995

29-001940 Dave                 Re: Contact Juggling
29-002615 Dave                 Re: Newbie - looking for help, e-penpals etc
29-041948 Dennis Rosebrough    Smithsonian article on Moschen
29-042017 Robert Vancko        Re: Juggling sticks
29-043256 Brian Widdows        5 balls mills mess
29-044355 S.Y. Pai             The Encyclopedia of Ball Juggling
29-055620 Jason Vice           juggling comedy
29-082348 FERGIE8              Re: Hat Fair/Flaming Idiots
29-103717 T.Isabel             I did it ! I did it!
29-112656 Sean Poyser          5 Ball Cascade
29-122824     Re: Frost Predicts (was: Cris...
29-152939 Simon FOX            Tell me about South Dakota
29-182326 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: where the Flying Kara... Brothers got thei
29-183234 Jimmy Brokaw         Re: Georgian Shuffle Explained!!!! (Ocean Fron
29-191417 Gregory Edwards      Turning (making) a Spinning Top
29-192728 Bram Cohen           Re: Smithsonian article on Moschen
29-204635 JKalvan              Re: 5 balls mills mess

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