Rec.Juggling Archive, July 15, 1995

15-010524 Dan Ginsburg         4 ball Mills Mess
15-014225 SomaDose             CATALOGS!!!
15-020854 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Devil Sticks
15-034005 Paul Halter          Re: Gatto's performance schedule?
15-040106 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: A contest
15-040932 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Hat Fair/Flaming Idiots
15-041640 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Gatto's performance schedule?
15-043053 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Whip-Cracking
15-053710 Richard Allan Rubens Re: IJA Business Meeting
15-053937 Dylan McDonald       Vegas Roomie Needed
15-055638 Richard Allan Rubens Re: Juggler's World Archive opens at the JIS
15-061607 Simon Richard Fox    Re: 4 ball Mills Mess
15-063140 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling on TV
15-063850 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Juggling in books
15-072108 Steven Chance        NEW:  The Invincible Balloon Pump
15-164617 Andrew John Conway   Re: What do you do to avoid frustration?
15-164619 Andrew John Conway   Re: Juggling on TV
15-195845 Lorelei16            Re: beauty pageants
15-204333 Jason Greenwald      What do you do to avoid frustration?

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