Rec.Juggling Archive, July 4, 1995

04-005819 Francis Favorini     Egg beaters (was Re: a recent peeve of mine...
04-011235 Francis Favorini     Re: Small ego massage :-)
04-042715 Robert Vancko        BLINK performance/news
04-043119 Robert Vancko        Seniors/Teams championships
04-053843 Stuart Celarier      Re: New to diabolos, need some help
04-055331 gerald peterson      Re: Are you a juggling addict?
04-065154 Simon FOX            Re: Five balls or four clubs??
04-070714 JKalvan              Re: BLINK performance/news
04-091148 Rupert Voelcker      Lastest JIS Festival Updates
04-154216 Glyn Hanton          Re: Can't resist... (my apologies)
04-162522 Brian D Milner       Re: Can't resist... (my apologies)
04-181540 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Seniors/Teams championships
04-183219 Dave W. Buchanan     Busking vs. Stage
04-220800 Edward Porteous      Rubensteins/Mills takeout
04-222130 Gordon Freedman      Re: Torches < $80?

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