Rec.Juggling Archive, June 23, 1995

23-011850 S. Wilson            Making Cigar Boxes
23-020603          faq & Toronto
23-025335 Patrick W. Thompson  Re: Jugglers/Magicians
23-032856 Marc Alter           leather juggling balls
23-072127 Peter Bendall        Re: Lead's density, not juggling
23-082007 Re: Fire Breathing on TV
23-085308 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Wrists and Finger Rolls
23-090009 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Turning Y
23-090957 Mr Aardvark          Re: Fire Breathing on TV
23-092106 U.S. Street Performing (Was: NYC Street perfor
23-095723 Andrew John Conway   Re: Fire Breathing on TV
23-095725 Andrew John Conway   World Street Performing (Was: U.S. Street Perf
23-100027 Rupert Voelcker      Lastes Fest Updates on the JIS
23-100328 Rupert Voelcker      Upcoming fests currently on the JIS
23-101009 Alan MacDonald       Re: Wooden Clubs
23-123554 Alan MacDonald       Re: Petawawa....
23-131045 Andre van den Bos    Holland / Enschede
23-133450 Mike Julian          Puerto Rico
23-140728 norman schneiderman  Re: Halifax Festival
23-142934 TonyDunc             Re: rec.juggling party in Vegas, anyone?
23-143524 LMuney               Re: Stilt shoes?
23-145510 LMuney               Re: Walking globe
23-154208 Remold Krol          Re: Holland / Enschede
23-164219 Floris Wiesman       Re: Holland / Enschede
23-210035 te2961s@acad.drake.e Ren fair clothing questions
23-211423 Barry L. Sperling    Re: juggling music?
23-231425 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Re: juggling music?
23-231831 Greg Ostravich       Re: Turning Y
23-233301 Robin E. Baylor      Re: colored flames

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