Rec.Juggling Archive, June 22, 1995

22-012920 KMJ1                 Re: juggling insurance
22-013505 Andrew John Conway   Sorry, Boppo
22-013912 Tim Sheppard         Giraffe on Walking globe
22-023223 KlutzPress           Re: juggling music?
22-025931 Biggles99            Mills Mess
22-061355 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Frisbee hats
22-064400 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: 5 Ball Bouncing
22-083303 Andrew John Conway   Re: rec.juggling party in Vegas, anyone?
22-085413 Mr Aardvark          Re: Fire Breathing on TV
22-085955 Mr Aardvark          Re: Mills Mess
22-092406 Rupert Voelcker      Re: Strange Siteswap
22-092525 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Updates on the JIS
22-121508 Don Lewis            A simple wind strength indicator
22-124112 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Mills Mess
22-131033 William Allyn        Re: Hagen Circle
22-131105 Duane Starcher       Re: 5 Ball Bouncing
22-131425 William Allyn        Re: Turning Y
22-133443 Spicy Chicken Woman  Re: Fire Breathing on TV
22-134523 Lehmann, Janell      Re: Turning Y
22-143148 Allen Knutson        Re: Mills Mess
22-164849     re:(none)
22-174949 Ram Prasad           Re: 5 Ball Bouncing (force bounce)
22-183141 Francis Favorini     Re: rec.juggling party in Vegas, anyone?
22-200156 ChrisJLong           Wrists and Finger Rolls
22-201250 JKalvan              CLOCKWORK performing at the fair!!!
22-224518 Edward W. Carstens   Re: strange siteswap throws

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