Rec.Juggling Archive, June 8, 1995

08-000623 Bram Cohen           Re: Renegades
08-001226 Phil Paxton          Re: IJA Convention Las Vegas
08-001842 Phil Paxton          ? / Starting back up after head trauma
08-002003 Bram Cohen           the Alexander Technique
08-020300 Jonathan I. Perry    The South Pole
08-024425 Stuart Celarier      Re: ISO Laura Dirksen-Green
08-025019 Ralph Craig          Re: :::Knife Throwing:::
08-050657 Seth Golub           Re: Marketing Devil Sticks on TV
08-050919 DeontheDJ            Re: Juggling in Beaty/Cole Circus
08-050924 DeontheDJ            Looking for Bubble Recipe
08-062022 Orly Jacobson        Re: Jim Rose
08-064020 Benjamin Young       juggling animals for fun and profit
08-064126 Michgerdes           9th Annual Catalina Island Jugglers' Jam
08-073634 Michael Fouche       Re: Fire Eating
08-090420 Lars Burgstahler     Re: 52413
08-091702 JKalvan              CLOCKWORK in London
08-094617 Lars Burgstahler     Juggling with handicaped
08-100445 Re: Will people watch balls?
08-103249 Rupert Voelcker      Re: French juggling convention
08-115530 Tim Sheppard         Re: A Gig for Gorby
08-124001 Lars Burgstahler     French juggling convention
08-132023 Scott Hone           ambidextrability or something
08-141738 Robert Vancko        Re: Renegades
08-143912 Rodney Barton        Re: Juggling with handicaped
08-151429 Lars Burgstahler     Re: French juggling convention
08-162718 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Juggling in Beaty/Cole Circus
08-163449 WRParker             current value of unicycle?
08-172237 unknown              Re: Proposal:  Disbandment of alt.magic
08-174724 Alan Morgan          Re: Doubble Troubble and the GOLD
08-175010 Alan Morgan          Re: Stage balls/Circus clubs?
08-180800 Mark E. Nelson       Part time professional jugglers
08-190249 Stephen Langer       Re: Juggling Clubs in the Washington-Baltimore
08-195950 Re: juggling animals for fun and profit
08-200645 Postmaster           Re: Tightrope walking.
08-204912 Jonathan M Poppele   NYC Street Performing
08-221339 Denis De Carufel     Re: Cirque du Soleil, July?
08-222733 "C Wright"           Re: 52413
08-222735 "C Wright"           Re: Triangle Man, Triangle Man.
08-223820 Rene Fournier        Fire Balls in/around London?
08-232153 Mikael Björkman      Five clubs
08-234648 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Re: This Vote Available
08-235935 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Re: Juggling with handicaped

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