Rec.Juggling Archive, June 3, 1995

03-000139 Martin Frost         Re: Juggling in O'Hare airport
03-002703 Jonathan Sjordal,  A Looking for a "BC wheel"
03-004035 Martin Frost         Doubble Troubble and the GOLD
03-012440 Martin Frost         Re: 9-club 3-counts
03-014452 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: IJA Convention Las Vegas
03-015929 The Master Therion   Re: :::Knife Throwing:::
03-035952 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: IJA Convention Las Vegas
03-050650 HDakota              slackrope
03-101637 Martin Frost         Re: IJA Finances - $1,000 challenge
03-170615 Ken Holm             Lance Hampton
03-193131 Phil Paxton          Re: IJA Convention Las Vegas
03-194349 Martin Frost         Re: Juggler's World (was Causal Diagrams & Sit
03-201144 Martin Frost         Re: left-right feed
03-222242 SCHRAM J             balls keep bouncing off my head
03-223028 Ralph Craig          Lead Balloons
03-223117 Technician Woman     Fire Eating
03-235526 Adam  Bender         Straightjackets and handcuffs...

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