Rec.Juggling Archive, May 19, 1995

19-013504 Zach Luck            Kluzt
19-033837 Shana Miller         Jay Gilligan Live in Arcadia, OH
19-062609 Neuro                NYC jugglers need roomates
19-105828 Andrew John Conway   Re: Ventriloquist seeks entertaining scripts
19-142435 Brian D Milner       Re: street performance
19-175340 Robbie Berks         Help wanted with Albert throws
19-184308 Alan Morgan          Re: Teams: How good must they be?
19-191036 Nathan Hoover        Re: Vegas Info - min. deposit / cancellation a
19-191453 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Any good books?
19-191759 "C Wright"           Re: All site swap original inventors sought
19-215033 Robert Vancko        Re: Kudos!! to Barry for Lucas/ Rastelli
19-215910 TIEMANN BRUCE        non-integer SS, philosophy: 3rd time's a charm
19-223136 DanCorr              Ventriloquist seeks entertaining scripts
19-224015 Brian Silverman      Re: Heavy Balls

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