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17-001209 Andrew John Conway   Re: Guinness vs. IJA
17-014938 Andrew John Conway   Re: :::Knife Throwing:::
17-032311 Gamescot             Guinness vs. IJA
17-032312 Gamescot             Re: Heavy Balls
17-034552 interview subject wanted
17-040535 Michael Fouche       Re: Question regarding siteswap notation
17-060940 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Aaaaaaaaahhhaaa!..... 5 3 4
17-062053 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: IJA competitions question
17-063036 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: on dairy creamers and convincing Charlie
17-063956 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Welcome message for new posters (was Re: j
17-071303 Nathan Hoover        Re: Heavy Balls
17-075940 TIEMANN BRUCE        Non-integer siteswap throws and some philosoph
17-082904 TIEMANN BRUCE        oops...hacked wrong
17-095637 Brian D Milner       Re: 6 balls - skip it?
17-105109 Tim Sheppard         Re: Heavy Balls
17-112114 Rob Stone            RE Mandy Dorn live etc
17-115217 Peter Lister         Re: Unicyling. (Help, my ankles hurt!)
17-121155 Simon FOX            Re: Aaarrrggghhh... 534
17-124631 meathrel paul j      Re: 4 balls in 1 hand
17-142234 Mark Cosdon          Re: D.C convention!
17-143030 M.P. Robertson       Re: What is this 3 Ball pattern?
17-151315 Scott Cain           Re: Juggling History
17-153550 pk6811s@acad.drake.e Re: Heavy Balls
17-155654 Re: Balls vs. Bean bags (was: How Bruce S. lau
17-160539 KIM NYSTROM          Helsinki Juggling Convention 25-28 May
17-160844 Duncan Mills         Juggling History
17-161641 pcp$2384@altair.selu :::Knife Throwing:::
17-163758 Dan McDonald         Re: Juggling History
17-164056 Duncan Mills         Juggling
17-164727 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling, art, and other matters ...
17-164728 "C Wright"           Re: Aaarrrggghhh... 534
17-174921 Jim Curtis           Announcing The 10th Annual Western Regional Fo
17-185142 Bob Timmers          PR Printing
17-195836 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Heavy Balls
17-203201 Innocent X           Re: What is this 3 Ball pattern?
17-221358 William Allyn        Re: D.C convention!
17-223325 Tiger Heise          info on colonial times juggling wanted
17-225509 Stuart Celarier      Re: on dairy creamers and convincing Charlie
17-230325     Re: Teams: How good must they...
17-231449 Barry Bakalor        Re: ftp to jis files
17-232250 Bram Cohen           Re: Teams competition ruling

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