Rec.Juggling Archive, May 16, 1995

16-012206 George A. Strain     Re: Balls vs. Bean bags (was: How Bruce S. lau
16-024118 Andrew John Conway   Re: Mandy Dorn Live at Highgate
16-024201 Andrew John Conway   Re: What's the point?
16-024224 Andrew John Conway   Re: A way to make flashes cou...
16-024257 Andrew John Conway   Re: High prices! Why prices?
16-024331 Andrew John Conway   Re: Spontaneous human combustion ... here!
16-024353 Andrew John Conway   Re: doing it
16-055644 Richard Allan Rubens Re: 6 balls - skip it?
16-061348 Bram Cohen           Re: Numbers Rules (was: Re: Balls vs. Bean bag
16-072506 TIEMANN BRUCE        on dairy creamers and convincing Charlie
16-091657 Allen Knutson        Re: IJA competitions question
16-092153 Charlie Dancey       Re: What is this 3 Ball pattern?
16-092617 Allen Knutson        Re: Play With Your Food (was Re: 6 balls - ski
16-093838 Mr Aardvark          Re: Mandy Dorn Live at Highgate
16-104200 Stu Carter at York U Rob's and 5
16-121952     Re:Teams: How good must they be?
16-122104 William Allyn        DC Fest/3rd Continental Congress of Jugglers
16-124947 Brian D Milner       Re: Unicyling. (Help, my ankles hurt!)
16-124958 Lars Burgstahler     Re:Teams: How good must they be?
16-131237 Charlie Dancey       The non-integer throw controversy
16-144847 Innocent X           Re: What is this 3 Ball pattern?
16-151213 LMuney               Re: Unicycle ... / post DC fest
16-153304 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: 5 2 2 timings, and integer-valued throws
16-160713 Dan McDonald         Juggling in Magazines
16-165340 Scott Cain           Albert Lucas stuff
16-170002 Scott Cain           Teams Champiosnhip Rules
16-171607 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: IJA competitions question
16-172120 Jeremy Kirkwood      Re: 5 ball
16-173710 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Teams: How good must they be?
16-174115 Morty Hansen         Why is Jay J?
16-182426 TonyDunc             Re: Blind Juggling
16-193104 Francis Favorini     Re: luck and unluck of a french juggler
16-193932 TonyDunc             Re: contact juggling
16-195257 -J.MILLER            Re: Teams: How good must they be?
16-195342 Scott Cain           Why is Jay J?
16-195642 Scott Cain           Teams:  Justice for Nick & Alex
16-204835 David 'Mort' Mortman 2nd Annual Unofficial U of Chicago Picnic
16-205633 Francis Favorini     Re: Aaaaaaaaahhhaaa!..... 5 3 4
16-210611 Bram Cohen           9-club 3-counts
16-211325 Dan McDonald         Re: Why is Jay J?
16-220300 Lehmann, Janell      Re: Hardware juggling
16-220341 Thomas Meseroll  UCL Heavy Balls
16-225321 "C Wright"           Re: ... and convincing Charlie
16-225322 "C Wright"           Re: Juggling, art, and other matters ...
16-231113 "Andrew Lipson"      Re: juggling in Cambridge, Oxford, Henley

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