Rec.Juggling Archive, May 9, 1995

09-004626 Orly Jacobson        NZ jugglers Read This!
09-005814 Ian Blackburn        Re: Juggling with fireballs
09-010125 Bennett Z. Kobb      Re: Need directions to Capital Jugglers...
09-010321 Walter J Park        contact juggling
09-011436 Beirne Konarski      Re: Unicycle world record?
09-015325 Barry Bakalor        more info on Albert Lucas
09-023926 Tarim                Re: left-right feed
09-024426 Marcus P Hertlein    Re: Whips on TV
09-041501 Noah Van Hochman     Re: Rastelli/Lucas Controversy?
09-052500 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Whips on TV
09-082139 Re: contact juggling
09-104852 Martin Frost         Re: left-right feed
09-105805 Martin Frost         Re: left-right feed
09-113936 John J Lee           4 balls in 1 hand
09-122122 C Eberhardt          Re: contact juggling
09-122610 C Eberhardt          Re: 4 balls in 1 hand
09-131038 Bruce                Re: Unicycle world record?
09-132652 Jeremy Kirkwood      Re: 5 clubs
09-134856 William Allyn        3rd Congress of Jugglers, DC Fest
09-143008 Peter Bendall        Re: Juggling with fireballs
09-154744 Lehmann, Janell      Re: Unicycle ... / post DC fest
09-154929 Andrew John Conway   Re: Devil Stick - History
09-155953 P Selwood (Sprint)   Re: Unicycle world record?
09-160134 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: Can any tell me how??? experence essential
09-160245 Jon Mason            Re: Juggling with fireballs
09-160441 Sling                Re: $$ for street juggling?
09-162702 Spicy Chicken Woman  Re: Fire breathing
09-162913 Leo Vito             Re: Blind Juggling
09-170738 Brian D Milner       Re: Unicycles & Juggling, & juggling on a bike
09-172455 Francis Favorini     Re: CFV:
09-174311 Alan Morgan          Re: Me a juggler in spe
09-180751 Alan MacDonald       A Report from Ciderspace (was: Jokes & gags fo
09-181320 Alan MacDonald       Re: Juggling on Back - Help!
09-183153 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: Rastelli/Lucas Controversy?
09-193354 Charlie Dancey       Re: Juggler's World (was Causal Diagrams & Sit
09-195729 Alan Morgan          Re: more info on Albert Lucas
09-202759 TIEMANN BRUCE        5 2 2 timings, and integer-valued throws
09-204820 Bram Cohen           Re: Aaarrrggghhh... 534
09-210750 Jimmy Brokaw         Re: Juggling with fireballs
09-221044 Robert Vancko        Re: doing it
09-222503 charles              I'd bend over backward to bend over backward
09-223130 Robert Vancko        Re: 4 balls in 1 hand
09-223948 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: 4 balls in 1 hand
09-225639 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: more info on Albert Lucas
09-234733 Jason Patrick Thomas Re: Juggling with fireballs
09-235652 Becky                Re: 3rd Congress of Jugglers, DC Fest

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