Rec.Juggling Archive, May 1, 1995

01-003631 Harry Fish           Re: Blind Juggling
01-025057 Heidi 'WarHamster' H Re: Juggling in the Comics
01-051126 Kent J Quirk         30 catches with 5 balls!
01-053757 Re: juggling as art
01-054939 Re: torches: let me get this straight
01-061613 Re: $$ for street juggling?
01-064913 Michael Fouche       Re: im learning to ride a unicycle... help
01-075735 P. Ialamanna         Advice for beginner
01-080008 Juggling Information rec.juggling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
01-080622 Michael Kass         Re: A calculation - how much $ does the IJA ne
01-082025 AFC JLloyd           Re: Blind Juggling
01-090243 Charles Clark        Re: nasty internet virus caution!!
01-090548 Mr Aardvark          Re: Convention  Costs
01-091125 Mr Aardvark          Re: Diablo, or Devil Sticks??! HELP!
01-100259 meathrel paul j      Some Thoughts
01-141410 John J Lee           Re: 6 ball sync or async? (+7 Ball comment)
01-144528 Charlie Dancey       Causal Diagrams & SiteSwap
01-152441 Robert Vancko        Re: Blind Juggling
01-154411 Bram Cohen           Presumptuous notions
01-161349 Brian D Milner       Re: Need music suggestions for balls and boxes
01-183427 Alan Morgan          Re: bags bags bags
01-183543 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: $$ for street juggling?
01-184143 Alan Morgan          Re: 5 ball
01-211106 David S. Baker       Re: Blind Juggling
01-213340 John Edwards         Thank god it's not torches!
01-214553 Francis Favorini     Re: juggling sticks
01-220831 Francis Favorini     Re: The Hexagon - a 3 count box
01-225031 Francis Favorini     Welcome message for new posters (was Re: juggl

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