Rec.Juggling Archive, April 30, 1995

30-001717     Torches:let me SET this straight
30-010610 Kendall Harrison     Re: Blind Juggling
30-043857 Andrew John Conway   Re: $$ for street juggling?
30-065840 Ashish Ranpura       Diablo, or Devil Sticks??! HELP!
30-152945 Andrew John Conway   Re: Convention  Costs
30-184722 ben.decker@vousbbs.c Re: giraffe blows seven ball neck catch
30-193253 Ken Iwasa            Re: Unicycling!
30-201215 David Covin          Re: Juggling in the Comics
30-222913 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: Blind Juggling
30-223059 Ralph Ray Craig      What's the Mill's Mess?

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