Rec.Juggling Archive, April 27, 1995

27-014147 Re: International Juggling Day (LONG)
27-015441 KMJ1                 Re: Magic and Juggling
27-021739 AstroJgglr           im learning to ride a unicycle... help
27-033607 Victor Leonard       IJA roster
27-052602 Orngejuglr           New info on IJA Camping Trip (and old)
27-062444     Re: How does a Ferco happen?
27-080907 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Milestone
27-093141 Andrew John Conway   Re: A calculation - how much $ does the IJA ne
27-093149 Andrew John Conway   Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
27-093155 Andrew John Conway   Re: more festival costs info
27-101107 Andrew John Conway   Re: Teaching kids?
27-111111 Brian D Milner       BJC95 Renegade (Was Re: Milestone)
27-125002 Body SHapes .. was Fercos
27-131817     Re How does a Ferco happen
27-134731 Brian D Milner       Re: Teaching kids?
27-143506 Brian D Milner       Re: Thanks!  I've got specs and am commissioni
27-161640 Bram Cohen           Re: 5 clubs
27-162829 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: 5 clubs
27-165424 Bram Cohen           Re: 5 clubs
27-165541 Francis Favorini     Big Al, your juggling pal, takes a dive
27-173238 Leslie Jacobs        housing for conference
27-191955 Stephen Coughlan     bright lights, bad juggling
27-195439 Becky                3rd Continental Congress of Jugglers
27-195749 Roberto Cazzaro      RE: Windows 95 Juggling Cursor
27-200709 Ralph Ray Craig      Re: 5 clubs
27-202131 Marty Sasaki         Re: Magic and Juggling
27-202626 Matt Misbach         RE: Windows 95 Juggling Cursor -Reply
27-204505 Paul Halter          Personal landmarks
27-205527     Re: How a Ferco (three pages)
27-223444 Blaine3308           Re: 3 Clubs Milestone
27-224418 Andrew Arhelger      Re: 5 clubs
27-224924 Daniel               Re: torches: let me get this straight
27-225151 RJ Street (Bridge)   Re: 3 people ball pass pattern
27-233738 RJ Street (Bridge)   8th british juggling convention

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