Rec.Juggling Archive, April 24, 1995

24-005721 Andrew John Conway   Re: juggling as art
24-041803 Robert Vancko        Re: 8 Ring Passing?
24-042325 Robert Vancko        Re: giraffe blows seven ball neck catch
24-053111 Hal Coffen           Re: 6 ball sync or async? (+7 Ball comment)
24-054305 Hal Coffen           Re: 4 ball cascade?
24-054943 G Thorpe             Re: Earl Shatford and Numbers
24-065627 norman schneiderman  Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
24-084727 Graeme Merrall       Re: Babich(?) Diablo resources needed
24-130345 DuoCides was something else entirely!
24-130742 e9026209             Milestone
24-133037 Scott Allen Cain     MR. E's JUGGLING SHOW Update
24-135445 meathrel paul j      5 clubs
24-140820 Mr Aardvark          8th BJC Norwich
24-143244 Douglas Lynch        Re: Torches
24-153029 Scott Cain           TEAMS Competitors
24-154741 Adam Buckley         Re: 5 clubs
24-161712 Robert Vancko        Re: 5 clubs
24-165135 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: juggling as art
24-184405 Ram Prasad           How does a Ferco happen?
24-190709 Noah Van Hochman     Re: juggling as art
24-195448 Francis Favorini     4n object ultimates (was Re: 8 Ring Passing?)
24-200538 Francis Favorini     Re: Three ball backcrosses
24-201325 Barry Friedman       We Just Performed for the Simpson Jury!!
24-203918 Albert Lucas visit
24-205900 STEWART HUTTON       new devilstick book
24-213407 Brian Silverman      Re: 5 club Backcrosses
24-214210 Joachim Wiese (Diplo 2 GERMAN JUGGLERS VISITING USA NYC-Florida-New
24-215044 Joachim Wiese (Diplo NYC to Washington DC 4. or 5. of May
24-215422 Edward A. Hill       Magic and Juggling
24-223756 Ralph Ray Craig      Juggling at Earth Day in D.C.
24-234327 Ben Aveling          Re: 6 ball sync or async? (+7 Ball comment)
24-234443 Doug Harris          Re: We Just Performed for the Simpson Jury!!

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