Rec.Juggling Archive, April 20, 1995

20-000358 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Opinions on devil sticks
20-002835     Earl Shatford and Numbers
20-003244     Re: Who juggles 6 clubs?
20-003803 Andrew Dacey         Re: Need music suggestions for balls and boxes
20-012634 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Double rolla-bolla
20-013833 Morty Hansen         blink, blink
20-040830 ()  Re: 6 balls - skip it?
20-041025 ()  Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
20-044447 Andrew John Conway   Re: Can any tell me how??? experence essential
20-053632 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Juggling in Playboy Magazine
20-055759 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
20-111238 Charlie Dancey       Re: Juggling on TV - Persuasion
20-125001 Stuart F Carter (2X0 Re: Opinions on devil sticks
20-125640 a62315bz@pcserv.univ looking for jugglers
20-130902 a62315bz@pcserv.univ looking for munich-juggling
20-140254 John Edwards         Re: Hello
20-142349 link                 Re: Can any tell me how??? experence essential
20-144324 Innocent X           Re: bags bags bags
20-152628 Jeremy Kirkwood      RE: Rizley
20-174718 Benjamin Young       Re: Opinions on devil sticks
20-174805 Alan Morgan          Re: Babich(?) Diablo resources needed
20-180702 MikeRosman           Re: Seeking lodging for  D.C. fest
20-181605 Robert Vancko        Re: Double rolla-bolla
20-183813 MikeRosman           Re: Need Free-Standing Ladder
20-192819 Andrew John Conway   Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
20-195348 Ryan Tanner          Re: Torches
20-205738 Jimmy Brokaw         Re: bags bags bags
20-212312     Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
20-220409     Re: juggling difficulties, Br...
20-220553 Edd the Duck         Re: Hello
20-223657     Re: balancing and juggling
20-232023 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: 8 Ring Passing?
20-232735 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]

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