Rec.Juggling Archive, April 18, 1995

18-003207 DanRosen31           Re: 5 club Backcrosses
18-012445 George Cummings      Re: help new juggler
18-014456 Eric C. Nelson       Thanks!  I've got specs and am commissioning a
18-024446 Bram Cohen           Re: SiteSwap and Pattern States
18-025547 Bram Cohen           Re: 8 Ring Passing?
18-050140 Tarim                Re: Fire juggling & Internet party (Bristol)
18-050251 Tarim                Re: The shuffle...
18-073349 Barry Friedman       Raspyni TV appearances
18-074338 The Edible Dormouse  Juggling on TV - Persuasion
18-132921 Robert Vancko        Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
18-165713 Stuart Celarier      Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]
18-170939 Dan McDonald         Re: Silent shows (was Re: Music Royalties (was
18-174051 Benjamin Young       Casablanca juggler (again)
18-175528 Francis Favorini     Re: lurking lawyers
18-175947 Francis Favorini     Re: Five Balls in two years
18-182818 Francis Favorini     Re: balancing and juggling
18-200913 Edward W. Carstens   Re: SiteSwap and Pattern States
18-202010 Edward W. Carstens   Don't skip this post!  was blink (read this)
18-212310 John Edwards         Convention Costs
18-232009 Virginia Ann Knight  Opinions on devil sticks
18-232902 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Convention Costs [from Norman]

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