Rec.Juggling Archive, April 11, 1995

11-004724 WHIPPENN             Re: It's time for everyone's favorite game sho
11-005241 Francis Favorini     Re: Burkes Barage and Mills Mess Takeouts
11-012103 Michael Daun         The Humourfestival "LAUGHTER -95" in Írebro, S
11-013547      an incredible yank in the u.k.
11-014917 Dave Ward            Re: Juggling Records Info Wanted
11-034708 Victor Leonard       Re: Juggling:  I quit!
11-043735 Robert Vancko        Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
11-043811 Nathan Hoover        Re: Who juggles 6 clubs?
11-044250 David 'Mort' Mortman Flashed 5 Clubs!!!!
11-064724 Andrew John Conway   Re: IJA festival costs
11-092909 Eric Hardy           Re: Who juggles 6 clubs?
11-101854 Benjamin Young       irc and #juggle
11-110923 Charlie Dancey       Eight Club Juggling
11-123630 Mark Tillotson       Re: Juggling: I quit!
11-140446 Brian D Milner       Re: Juggle Love [was Juggling: I quit!]
11-141410 Lars Burgstahler     Re: Juggle Love [was Juggling: I quit!]
11-143750 Smokeless            Re: Juggling: I quit!
11-162011 Paul Derham Cook     Re: Eight Club Juggling
11-162924 Robert Vancko        Numbers Juggling Europe vs N.A. (was Juggling,
11-163144 Dan McDonald         Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
11-164818 Robert Vancko        Re: Eight Club Juggling
11-175155 Alan Morgan          Re: Juggling: I quit!
11-183342 Gerry Stellenberg    Need music suggestions for balls and boxes
11-194512 Andrew John Conway   SF Gutter Jugglers Meeting Change
11-202117 Jimmy Brokaw         Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
11-202638 Jimmy Brokaw         Re: Juggling:  I quit!
11-213112 Francis Favorini     Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
11-213605 Francis Favorini     Re: 8th UK Juggling Convention
11-214208 Jerry Carson         Umbrella with ball
11-221655 John Edwards         I Quit!
11-222719 Pyromagic            Re: Univ @ Buffalo Juggling Convention
11-223201 Jim Dorman           Re: IJA festival costs
11-224447 Allen Knutson        Shall I visit you in continental Europe?
11-224754 Madelyn Dinnerstein  Re: JUGGLING SLANG summary
11-225652 Dan McDonald         Re: I Quit!

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