Rec.Juggling Archive, April 5, 1995

05-055846 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Review:Cirque du Soleil
05-060622 Andrew John Conway   Re: Oops
05-071154 "Alan Simkins"       Re: 8th UK Juggling Convention
05-071627 Burgerville commercial
05-071939 Stuart Celarier      Re: Vegas and various
05-073442 Andrew John Conway   Re: 4-object tricks?
05-080339 Magnus Mühlenbock    Charlie Dancey & Sequel
05-100109 Rupert Voelcker      Latest JIS festival updates
05-100314 Brian D Milner       Re: Where not to practice diabolo...
05-110404 A4411DAL@AWIUNI11.ED relative difficulty
05-112039 J B Brolly           Re: 8th UK Juggling Convention
05-120455 James Douglas Pearn  Re: 5 clubs
05-152922 Magnus Mühlenbock    Re: London, Covent Garden
05-152949 Robert Vancko        Who juggles 6 clubs?
05-153016 te2961s@acad.drake.e IJA Video reviews?
05-155742 OutSpan!             Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
05-161527 Stuart F Carter (2X0 Re: (none)
05-164810 Ram Prasad           Reminder: UBuffalo Fest, with details
05-164848 Sean Harris          18th Annual R.I.T. Spring Juggle-In
05-173314 Tim Sheppard         Re: Bounce Balls vs. Silicon Balls
05-174033 Glyn Hanton          Re: Where not to practice diabolo...
05-181159 TIEMANN BRUCE        lightbulb novas
05-184255 Francis Favorini     Re: It's time for everyone's favorite game sho
05-200954 Bram Cohen           Re: 5 ball siteswaps that don't seem impossibl
05-203158 Bram Cohen           Re: relative difficulty
05-204631 Jerry Dunn           JUGGLING SLANG summary
05-230432 Edward King          las Vegas
05-232451 Robert Vancko        Re: relative difficulty
05-233148 Nathan Hoover        Burke's Barrage (and the Encyclopedia of Ball 

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