Rec.Juggling Archive, March 27, 1995

27-014559 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Juggling in the Movies
27-021058 JKalvan              Re: Smallest Object Juggled
27-021530 Simon Richard Fox    Re: Bounce Passing 11-13 Silicons
27-034728 G Thorpe             Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
27-034923 G Thorpe             Re: N.Z. Juggling Convention Review
27-044021 Andrew John Conway   Re: IJA Fest dates
27-055141 Re: "New Vaudeville" - RIP (Was RE: Juggling i
27-080736 Sling                Re: JUGGLING SLANG wanted by book author
27-081933 Mr Aardvark          Re: FESTIVAL DATES
27-085734 Re: Stage Ball Spinning
27-090258 Smokeless            Re: JUGGLING SLANG wanted by book author
27-100233 A4411DAL@AWIUNI11.ED Re: Smallest Object Juggled
27-101058 James Douglas Pearn  Re: 10 club feed?
27-101608 2-2 feed recovery
27-105901 Tim Sheppard         Re: Making clubs
27-130411 Brian D Milner       Re: U.K. Phoneday
27-134302 Mike Day             A limmerick (of sorts)
27-140317 Barry Prescott       Capability (was: Genius & Sanity (was: Coming 
27-140737 AJ Jillings          UK Juggling Courses. Club Swinging, Fire, UV.
27-145838 Barry Prescott       Re: Capability (was: Genius & Sanity (was: Com
27-151603 Barbara Berlin Capla Re: JUGGLING SLANG wanted by book author
27-154759 Stuart Celarier      Re: Vegas Web Site
27-155150 e9026209             Re: Poll: most beautiful 3 ball trick
27-160412 Scott Cain           Numbers in Vegas
27-162210 Edward W. Carstens   Re: A limmerick (of sorts)
27-163448 Lehmann, Janell      Re: JUGGLING SLANG wanted by bo
27-165345 Scott Cain           Rules Question - Teams
27-170421 WHIPPENN             Re: JUGGLING SLANG wanted by book author
27-170635 Michael Gerlek       JIS Help Pages: new/updated
27-180621 Brian N Miller       an MIT Convention Report
27-180732 Glenn Reader         Size of Balls
27-184549 Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
27-184849 "C Wright"           Magnus Nicholls
27-201231 Scott HOC            Re: Smallest / Most Dangerous Object Juggled
27-201251 Dan McDonald         Re: Magnus Nicholls centennial
27-203545 Jim Dorman           Vegas and various
27-203606 Dan McDonald         Re: an MIT Convention Report
27-213943 Morty Hansen         Re: Juggling Records Info Wanted
27-215500 Morty Hansen         Re: How do I juggle 7 and 9 balls in a cascade
27-223358 Allen Knutson        Juggling in movies (Mamma Roma)
27-233322 Francis Favorini     Re: Re 10 club Feed

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