Rec.Juggling Archive, March 17, 1995

17-003838 David Covin          Re: Club swinging?
17-004203 Wayne Connor         How do Chickens Balance? (Was Dead Chickens...
17-024851 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
17-033233 Mark Cosdon          Juggling in My Classroom
17-040910 Mark Cosdon          Circus Schools
17-042327 Mark Cosdon          China's Hundred Entertainments
17-045648 Tarim                U.K. Phoneday
17-070433 Eric Bagai           Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
17-073843 Eric Bagai           Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
17-083045 Benjamin Young       Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
17-101010 Masaki Nishikawa     Re: History of Juggling
17-102756 Smokeless            Re: Clubs in London
17-110137 Alan MacDonald       Re: New Scientist Article
17-113503 Brian D Milner       Re: Balancing ideas????
17-115839 Theo CHINO           The Cyberspace Homeless
17-130018 Eric Hardy           Re: Five balls in two years (long)
17-140902 Brian D Milner       Re: Clubs in London
17-144443  Re: Is there CJ before MM?
17-144729  Re: Did I see Good contact juggling?
17-150121 Robert Vancko        Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
17-152542 Virginia Ann Knight  email for serious juggling???
17-162017 Paul Pompi           Re: The Cyberspace Homeless
17-162953 e9026209             ?
17-170240 Ray Maxwell          Apple WWDC who's going?
17-170918 Dan McDonald         Re: The Cyberspace Homeless
17-172820 Edward W. Carstens   Re: email for serious juggling???
17-173643 Jacob Seltman        Juggling torches
17-191201 Jon Mason            Re: New Scientist Article
17-191350 Robert Maine         Re: Re:dead chickens
17-195930 Richard Kennaway     8th British Juggling Convention
17-205751 Robert Vancko        Re: JUGLBUG
17-210153 James Jay            Email Serious Juggling at
17-215634 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Club swinging?
17-215637 Scott Haney          Re: Juggling torches
17-222457 Free Michael Moshen lecture/demo near MIT mini
17-223427 repost - info on MIT Miniconvention

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