Rec.Juggling Archive, March 13, 1995

13-000251 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: 2 Devilsticks
13-011743  Re: Performers wanted in DC
13-023002 Tom McPhillips       Re: 2 Devilsticks
13-023112 Michael Nugent       Happiness and Juggling
13-024615 Barry Hembree        How do you do the 5 ball cascade
13-030734 Barry Hembree        Re: How do you do the 5 ball cascade
13-030741 Barry Hembree        Re: How do you do the 5 ball cascade
13-032900 "E:DEMONKA9QSPOOLMAI Re:dead chickens
13-043118 Don Bayomi           Any Innovations: Pins,Unicycles ?
13-051123 Your Friendly Neighb IJA Roster
13-051902 Eric Bagai           Re: Juggling on TV
13-053457 Simon Richard Fox    Re: How many 5 club jugglers?
13-060035   N.Z. Juggling Convention Review
13-064358 Roger Boyd           Circus BBS
13-072051 Martin Frost         Re: numbers rules
13-084721 Andrew Raiche        Re: Fire sticks
13-085400 Andrew Raiche        Re: please help me with Devil Sticks
13-094820 Smokeless Alice      Re: dead chickens
13-101230 Masaki Nishikawa     Re: History of Juggling
13-110403 -- DJ Psiber --      Re: 5 ball landmark!
13-115208 ben.decker@vousbbs.c Tony D's Newsletter (Was: Creative / Crazy)
13-132058 -- DJ Psiber --      Re: music for juggling
13-133154 -- DJ Psiber --      Re: Shrewsbury's 3rd Juggling Festival
13-141231 Paul Wolsko          Re: Where to buy good quality pins
13-150548 Phil Paxton          Re: Juggling in Comic Strip
13-153027 TonyDunc             Re: Is there CJ before MM?
13-153029 TonyDunc             Re: Creativity, intellectual property thread
13-153856 Andrew John Conway   Re: Re:dead chickens
13-154139 SA Priest            Re: Club swinging?
13-154400 TonyDunc             Re: Technical versus human performance (was Re
13-155831 TonyDunc             Re: Technical versus human performance
13-162041 RE: Rules for IJA competitions
13-162902 TonyDunc             Re: Re:dead chickens
13-164723 Le Grand Toby Orange Re: numbers rules
13-165248 Alan MacDonald       Re: numbers rules
13-170905 Stuart Celarier      Portland Juggling Festival -- More Info
13-172117 Stuart Celarier      Cirque du Soliel auditioning dancers
13-172443 Tim Banner           Juggling Program wanted
13-175244 Terry M. Auspitz     IJA Address
13-182002 Barry Bakalor        Re: Rules for IJA competitions
13-190536 UNIJUGGLER           S.F. juggling & Unicycling
13-191736 Medical Computer Lab I want to learn, please help!!
13-192715  Re: RE: Rules for IJA competitions
13-203403 Andrew John Conway   Balls not meant for juggling (was Re: Albert L
13-210133 Dan McDonald         Re: Re:dead chickens
13-214504 GiveTake             Pre MM CJ
13-214954 James Jay            95 .sig competitions (was re: Albert Lucas)
13-221003 Robert Vancko        Re: Albert Lucas
13-222235 "Ian Docherty"       Juggling at the Festival of the Mind. Royal Al
13-222350 Dan McDonald         Re: Happiness and Juggling
13-232837 Benjamin Young       dumb observation on "torch" juggling

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