Rec.Juggling Archive, March 7, 1995

07-010107 Francis Favorini     Re: Have a BLAST w/ BALLOON ANIMALS
07-011241 Francis Favorini     Re: Personal landmark: club numbers
07-012448 Francis Favorini     Re: Coming up with new things
07-013020 Francis Favorini     Re: "Vamping"
07-044453 Morty Hansen         Re:Michael Menes
07-115338 Akuma                Gymnasts' Balls
07-125741 u01kdg               More Juggling programs please.
07-150641 Ward A. Myers        Re: customs and juggling balls
07-163513 Robert Vancko        Tom Miller's Number
07-170023 Hirst Library 1      4 Balls How Do You Do It?
07-174939 Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
07-201930 J Allemann           Reminder: 3rd Annual UofW Juggling Festival
07-232204 Eric Jensen          Re: 4 Balls How Do You Do It?
07-235414 Joel Ricker          Re: zippo tricks

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