Rec.Juggling Archive, February 23, 1995

23-001716 Andrew John Conway   Re: what *is* new?
23-020929 Re: Juggling in the Movies
23-034107 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Juggling in the Movies
23-043856 Robert Vancko        Re: seriousness, low ceiling et al
23-044348 Scott Hone           Re: Any Juggling Store Owners Need Related Acc
23-055100 Duncan Mills         Juggling and Swimming
23-072922 Rick Wilson          Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
23-082112 Mr Aardvark          Re: Contact Juggling:Not Again?!
23-083033 "C Wright"           Re: Tomorrows world / siteswap
23-084837 Love Dwarf           fire
23-092117 Adam Buckley         Re: Juggling and Swimming
23-094825 Carl Piaf            Cirque de Soleil and traditional circus
23-113102 Andy Simpson         Re: Juggling Workshops
23-120021 NEIL BROCK           Durable juggling clu
23-120100 NEIL BROCK           unicycles
23-124550 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: AAAAugh! Burke's Barrage and Rubenstein's 
23-131006 Richard Alexander Re Cirque du Soleil vs. "traditional" circus
23-134335 Brian D Milner       Re: juggling history
23-134824 Mark Cosdon          Re: seeking CLOWNS
23-152536 Bram Cohen           What's with all the intellectual property crap
23-161156 te2961s@acad.drake.e Customizing cheap clubs
23-164036 Andrew Premdas       Re: Wanted: Bongo Board
23-175034 Smokeless            Feed,Shower,Every Other
23-183031 James Douglas Pearn  Re: LED Juggling Balls
23-192525 StanZZ               Unborn Mimes
23-192810 bunson               Re: unicycles
23-200058 Bram Cohen           Approaching 7 a step at a time
23-203833 WHIPPENN             Re: What's with all the intellectual property 
23-231609 Chris Coxon          Flying/Swinging Trapeze info wanted
23-232840 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Rastelli article in German

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