Rec.Juggling Archive, February 15, 1995

15-030700 ZEETO,MIKE           Summer Job
15-031951 Raymond Lowe         Re: Kosh balls
15-032346 Barry Friedman       Re: Two Devil Sticks
15-051443 JCKNFUGGLR           Re: Wanted: Bongo Board
15-051940 JCKNFUGGLR           Re: Durable juggling clubs?
15-052325 JCKNFUGGLR           MUST READ!!!!
15-054344 Duane Starcher       Re: New milestone
15-062455 Barry Bakalor        glossary of juggling terms
15-095507 bumper               help.beginner at juggling clubs!!
15-110301 Rob Stone            Short Juggling Poem
15-122009  Re: Durable Clubs
15-135814 Bennett Z. Kobb      Re: Juggling Capitol???
15-140116 Mark Cosdon          Re: Free Clubs
15-140716 Mark Cosdon          Re: MUST READ!!!!
15-141051 te2961s@acad.drake.e Re: Durable Clubs
15-151259 DeaconBlu            Re: Kosh balls (was Re: The Case of the Unluck
15-161747 Andrew John Conway   Re: Two Devil Sticks
15-161850 Amanda Fernandez     Another stupid q about IJA convention.
15-170141 Andrew John Conway   Re: MUST READ!!!!
15-171041 Scott Cain           Competing in Vegas??
15-173650 Dave Parnin          Fort Wayne, IN Jugglefest in May
15-182852 Barry Bakalor        Re: Mills...
15-184107 ChrisJLong           Re: help.beginner at juggling clubs!!
15-190904 Gatto workshop at IJA fest
15-191201 Lars Bo Eriksen      Where can I get info about 11. Nordic Juggling
15-195451 James Jay            Re: Durable clubs and hand pain
15-220234 Scott Haney          Re: MUST READ!!!!
15-220751 Ward A. Myers        Re: Columns
15-225016 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Groundhog day juggling festival in Atlanta
15-231018 David Linton         Re: MONDO Jugglefest - a HUGE success!
15-231250 Neuro                Re: Competing in Vegas??
15-232539 Ric Hamm             Juggling School

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