Rec.Juggling Archive, February 13, 1995

13-010244 ()   Wanted: Bongo Board
13-010458 Benjamin Young       Re: Rec.juggling Readership Statistics
13-012040 Benjamin Young       Re: Kosh balls (was Re: The Case of the Unluck
13-024448 Akuma                Polaris
13-041046 Nathan Zahorchak (Pr whatsabongobord
13-041156 Jonathan M Poppele   Re: Injuring the audience
13-050048 Scott Hone           The Ed Sulluvan(sp?) show
13-080040 Shaper               Re: Notating a new (ahem) way of juggling
13-083409 Shaper               Re: Devil Sticking  (was: RE: A new (ahem) way
13-091746 Andrew Premdas       Re: Juggling Workshops
13-093506 Andrew Premdas       Re: Irritating Posts (WAS: RE: The Insult Thre
13-093648 Martin Lester        Re: Unicycling? (news group)
13-094703 Andrew Premdas       Re: Injuring the audience
13-095421 Smokeless Alice      Re: Wanted: Bongo Board
13-110224 D Sergeant           Re: Columns
13-110420 Andre van den Bos    Re: Fire Eating and Breathing
13-130022 Carl Piaf PhD for jl British Juggling Records
13-140356 StanZZ               Re: Mills...
13-152147 Neal B. Johnson      IJA-Las Vegas...dates?
13-154401 Robert Vancko        Re: Just some advice in juggling.
13-162436         Re: Injuring the audience
13-162633 Michael Gerlek       Re: Wanted: Bongo Board
13-163842 Michael Gerlek       Re: Fire Eating and Breathing
13-165951 Dan McDonald         Re: British Juggling Records
13-175902 Dan McDonald         Re: those fire clubs
13-180704 Dan McDonald         Re: Irritating Posts (WAS: RE: The Insult Thre
13-181852 Alec Bateman         Re: Unicycling? (news group)
13-194706 LMuney               Re: Injuring the audience
13-203035 J Allemann           3rd Anuual University of Waterloo Juggling Fes
13-203259 N Brazil1            Re: I got hassled for juggling
13-223258 RussMax              Re: burny burny
13-225803 Todd Smith / Bill Gates connection!
13-230138 Re: Upside-Down  Juggling  (Was: Horizontal Ju

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