Rec.Juggling Archive, January 20, 1995

20-020816 Address pending (Jas RE: Public Domain Routines?
20-031022 Eric Prestemon       Re: 49ers Steve Young a Unicyclist
20-050912 Kent J Quirk         Re: Greetings and advice wanted
20-053433 Wayne Connor         RE: confused
20-053721 Mark Bakalor         Re: 49ers Steve Young a Unicyclist
20-061940 Raymond Lowe         Re: Public Domain Routines?
20-063611 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  RE: Cascade of Stars show wanted
20-063634 Mark Bakalor         Re: confused
20-093139 Jesper Rudberg       Want to learn 5 balls.
20-095030 Eric Bagai           Re: How Many?
20-100210 Eric Bagai           Re: Juggling in the Comics
20-103407 Eric Bagai           Re: Newbie Post Alert
20-124000 HEUVEL T.M.VAN DEN   dutch jugglers
20-124710 Alan MacDonald       Re: Trying to contact ...
20-144109 Shana Miller         what's that address again?
20-151844 Andrew Myers         4 balls - going beyond fountain
20-151858 PM project_Bernard   Re: confused
20-152555 Andrew Premdas       Re: confused
20-154442 Mark Olson           Re: Proposed Welcome to rec.juggling
20-160446 ZHAH047@alpha1.rhbnc RE: Wanted:  Unicycles!!!!!!!
20-162046 ZHAH047@alpha1.rhbnc RE: Relaxation???  Is it Possible?
20-173333 WHIPPENN             Re: 5 balls
20-174316 Doug Harris          Kendall Gammon (was Re: 49ers Steve Young a Un
20-181848 Bram Cohen           Four ball Burke's Barrage (was Re: Wanted:  Un
20-183932 Andrew Dacey         Re: Bart Simpson/Juggler?
20-184237 Andrew Dacey         Re: juggling cd rom?
20-190404 Luis Presle          amateur circus "Sapperlot" in Germany (fwd)
20-203703 Jefferson D Ballew   Re: Devil Stick
20-204733 Jefferson D Ballew   Juggling on the Net
20-204743 S. Wilson            Re: Juggling in Comics
20-224509 Bram Cohen           Re: 5 balls
20-224946 Gilles 'CactusMan' B Club/Shops in L.A. ?
20-232454 Doug Harris          Re: Bart Simpson/Juggler?

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