Rec.Juggling Archive, January 18, 1995

18-001011 Bill Bevier          Re: Proposed Welcome to rec.juggling
18-010647 Mark Cosdon          Re: Juggling movies
18-012201 Andrew John Conway   Re: How Many?
18-012439 Scott Haney          Re: Baby Juggler Announcement
18-024342 Karen Hellyer        In Search of Juggling Videos
18-032813 Bram Cohen           Re: Baby Juggler Announcement
18-042157 Mark Bakalor         Re: help!
18-043040 norman schneiderman  Re: How Many?
18-043438 norman schneiderman  Re: Las Vegas
18-055614 Ian "THE ARM" Whitne Cirque
18-061121 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: help!
18-084054 James Shotter        Re: AUSSIE
18-091745 Mr Aardvark          Re: help!
18-092145 Mr Aardvark          Re: Ben Jennings
18-095633 Michael Kass         Re: Juggling on Skates was Re: A Brit in Calif
18-103247 Duncan Mills         WHAT ARE THE NUMB...
18-110150 Smokeless Alice      Northern Ireland Conventions?
18-123544 ben.decker@vousbbs.c RE: couple of quick questions
18-124222 ben.decker@vousbbs.c VEGAS INSIDE SCOOP WANTED!
18-140013 -- Psiber Punk --    Happy now I'm on 5 balls :)
18-143737 Peter Lister         Re: Juggling on Skates was Re: A Brit in Calif
18-151843 Bram Cohen           Re: help!
18-153054 Re: Las Vegas - breaking the ban!
18-153308 Re: 6 Ball Endurance at Vegas Convention?
18-154244 crs2                 Newbie Post Alert
18-161247 Andrew B Stellman    Pittsburgh Jugglefest '95
18-163423 David Bick           Re: How do you un-cross four ?
18-170919 ANOTHER CO           Re: Public Domain Routines?
18-171601 ANOTHER CO           *Passing* - Fool Catcher
18-171716 ANOTHER CO           Portland
18-174446 Rupert Voelcker      Re: Portland
18-174452 Allen Knutson        Re: How do you un-cross four ?
18-180748 Andrew John Conway   Re: Baby Juggler Announcement
18-180751 Andrew John Conway   Re: Newbie Post Alert
18-180800 Mikael Bjorkman      5 balls
18-180925 Mikael Bjorkman      Spinning plate
18-181658 Dan McDonald         Re: Newbie Post Alert
18-193255 Scott HOC            Re: help!
18-193421 KATHY KAUFMAN 919-54 festival question
18-195131 Bram Cohen           Re: 5 sec of 5b cascade
18-214118 Alan MacDonald       Re: help!
18-214939 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Juggling on Skates
18-215307 Alan MacDonald       Re: How do you un-cross four ?
18-220238 TIEMANN BRUCE        A joke by any other name is still a joke.
18-222921 Edward W. Carstens   Re: help!
18-224655       Re: How Many?
18-233859 Andrew John Conway   Re: Spinning plate
18-234429 Paul Halter          Re: How do you un-cross four ?

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