Rec.Juggling Archive, December 6, 1994

06-005151 Gavin Schmidt        ANNOUNCE: Montreal Juggling Festival April 28-
06-023633 Robert Vancko        5 Toss to Bounce
06-042924 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Another Juggling Sightings
06-045528 norman schneiderman  Re: Vegas
06-080949 The Edible Dormouse  Call for club tricks
06-081241 The Edible Dormouse  Passing trick - funky
06-085827 Leon Moonen          Re: New Diabolo Tricks
06-092540 Andrew Premdas       Re: Beginning Diabolo - Unwrap and recapture
06-092605 Andrew Premdas       Broken RENEGADES
06-094405 Alastair Rae         Re: Encyclopaedia info
06-113654 Andrew Premdas       Re: New Diabolo Tricks - What is a sun
06-123451 Brian D Milner       Different Torch Fuels (was Re: rape)
06-124333 Brian D Milner       Re: Broken RENEGADES
06-165128 Magnus Mühlenbock    The Moscow Circus
06-165813 Thomas Peter Bonkenb Yo-Yo string
06-174215 Akuma                Spinning 3 balls (was Re: juggling in music)
06-181847 "C Wright"           Re: Computer generated patterns
06-183021 JohnSample           looking for information on Karamzov
06-183313 Andrew John Conway   Flaming Janet (was: Juggling 4 balls?)
06-183851 Your Friendly Neighb FKB's in the news
06-191918 Algernon             Re: Juggling while in moving vehicle?
06-193235 Rupert Voelcker      Latest Fest Updates
06-201135 Ollie Cornes         Re: Juggling 4 balls?
06-203022 Seth Golub           Re: Devil Stick tricks
06-213707 Phillip Burgess      Re: Yo-Yo string
06-215015 JCKNFUGGLR           Re: Broken RENEGADES
06-224058 zbraverman@eagle.wes Knive-throwing
06-232507 Andrew John Conway   1995, a look back

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