Rec.Juggling Archive, November 23, 1994

23-012043 WHIPPENN             Re: What is your favorite music for juggling?
23-013105 Barry Bakalor        Re: History of Silicone Balls?
23-013529 WHIPPENN             The "SAM" Thread
23-014646 Charlie Spud         Re: What is your favorite music for juggling?
23-042614 Debra Jacobs         Re: Clowning and Juggling
23-044055 Victor Leonard       Re: AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
23-080817 The Edible Dormouse  juggling in music
23-092106 Wanted: ball molds, stage-ball makers.
23-092600 Rupert Voelcker      JIS Festival Update
23-094327 Peter Lister         Re: Clowning and Juggling
23-094805 C D Bates            Re: What's 'Vegas' Style?
23-095615 C D Bates            Re: What is your favorite music for juggling?
23-111950 Alan MacDonald       Re: Elwyn Berlekamp as juggler
23-121941 G Pascoe             Re: AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
23-122640 G Pascoe             Re: AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
23-125701 Martin Keates        Re: juggling in music
23-132815 Andy Lewis           Re: juggling in music
23-151631 Leo Vito             3 to 4, newcomer
23-151912 Thomas D Bending     Re: juggling in music
23-164532 Scott HOC            The JIS and rec.juggling in NetGuide
23-164545 UK and USA juggling
23-172322 Teh Aik Wen          Re: ### Comments/views on juggling? (Care to g
23-172939 Teh Aik Wen          Re: Laser Balls!! (Was Re: ### Comments/views 
23-180218 Greg Ostravich       Ties w/Juggling on them
23-180324 Steve Joyce          jugglerotica???
23-182435 Stuart Celarier      Re: Club Swinging Ribbons
23-190333 Doug Fox             Logo Juggling Balls
23-194005 Scott HOC            Re: Acrylic Balls & Juggling
23-210240 Andrew Paik          Big Flaming Spinning Sticks
23-213457 Alan MacDonald       Re: juggling in music
23-230259 Ollie Cornes         Re: What is your favorite music for juggling?

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