Rec.Juggling Archive, November 10, 1994

10-000024 OceanK               Juggling profiles 2-
10-001535 OceanK               Juggling profiles 2-
10-030859 Terry Jones          Re: 5 ball FORCE bounce
10-035947 Robert Vancko        Klutz Products
10-041934 David Scott          Re: Devil sticks
10-043515 JStefan              A little off the subject...
10-070134 Victor Leonard       Re: Coloured fire
10-084726 Robin Charlton       Book Recommendation (UK)
10-093838 "Newcastle City Coun Re: Corn Alcohol !
10-094417 Alastair Rae         Re: I'm back with thoughts on counting catches
10-103023 Keith Philip Batt    Neil Stammer?
10-121630 fischer tiryn        Re: 5 ball FORCE bounce
10-133739 Andy Lewis           Re: Odd Tricks
10-134304 Steve Ness           5 ball FORCE bounce
10-140129 RE: Origins of juggling patterns
10-140422 Shana Miller         Moscow & jewelry
10-142138 fischer tiryn        Re: How long are we talking here?
10-145501 Peter Lister         Re: Chinese State Circus Workshops
10-150311 Re: Advice on scary numbers
10-160129 Thomas D Bending     Re: Odd Tricks
10-164514 Michael O'Sullivan   test, ignore
10-171734 Dan McDonald         Re: Odd Tricks
10-182805 Dan 'Spam' Mowczan   Re: American clubs
10-183112 Dan 'Spam' Mowczan   Re: Odd Tricks
10-185827 (thomasl)            Re: Moscow Circus on tour
10-214710 Christopher T. Allen Help, Please: Naming Conventions
10-234111 Francis Favorini     Re: How long are we talking here?

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