Rec.Juggling Archive, October 28, 1994

28-004348 (thomasl)            Re: Club Purchase Question
28-005202 Lloyd Paul Verhage   Re: Unicycles
28-060555 STEVE 'DOC' SALBERG  Re: Sword Swallowing (and balloons)
28-100238 Mr Aardvark          UV Balls
28-103021 Jeff R. Allen        Re: Unicycles
28-133313 tying knots in synthetic string
28-141619 David Magagnosc      Proposed regurgitator trick (Was Re: Unicycles
28-141751 Michael O'Sullivan   test, please ignore
28-145643 Bert Neff            Re: Unicycles
28-154546 Paul Cook            bouncing ball on head
28-165637 Edward W. Carstens   Web World
28-165921 Edward W. Carstens   Re: Advice on scary numbers
28-172915 Bennett Z. Kobb      Re: Question: getting club from floor to hand
28-182256 Wayne Connor         Re: Devil sticks
28-182542 Wayne Connor         Re: Die W.C./Mills-Mess
28-184144 Akuma                Re: UV Balls
28-190408 Mark Cosdon          Flying Karamazov Brothers on Broadway
28-194607 Scott HOC            Re: Sword Swallowing (and balloons)
28-210325 Martin Frost         Re: Thirteen Club Feed
28-212832 Gavin Schmidt        Setting up a juggling shop
28-225245 Doug Harris          The net notices JIS
28-231902 Egore327             Re: Renegade stage clubs(was The world doesn't
28-233404 Egore327             Re: test
28-234143 Mike Bradford        Re: Diabolo problems
28-234813 Luis Presle          Interchange of infromation in Spanish

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