Rec.Juggling Archive, October 26, 1994

26-003407 Russell Kaufman      Mill's Mess Origin
26-005109 Andrew John Conway   Re: Home-made fire?
26-005117 Andrew John Conway   Re: SUBSCRIBE
26-025445 Nathan Hoover        Re: SUBSCRIBE
26-044953 Tom Stockfisch       Re: Flying Kasamorsov
26-105430 Alan MacDonald       Re: Mill's Mess Origin
26-105906 Mark Neale           Re: passing fun ..
26-114145 Brian Milner         Globetrotting Busker seeks helpful Jugglers
26-122612 J B Brolly           Re: eleven club 1 count feed
26-124317 J B Brolly           Re: Thirteen Club Feed
26-133011 Andrew Burns         Juggling Pictures
26-163937 Dave Budd            Re: Friend of the devil...
26-164832 Glyn Hanton          Re: Sword Swallowing (and balloons)
26-175720 Alan Morgan          Re: Mill's Mess Origin
26-181736 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: Thirteen Club Feed
26-190625 Bert Neff            Re: Unicycles
26-205136 Lehmann, Janell      Shaker Cups in movies
26-222604 Scott HOC            Re: Jugglers are a bunch of losers
26-234446 Victor Leonard       low 6/8 ball wimpy (was SUBSCRIBE)

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