Rec.Juggling Archive, October 22, 1994

22-001357 Jeff Youngstrom      Re: beginner questions: low-ceiling tricks, re
22-002234 Juggling Information FTP access to the JIS
22-012305 GiveTake             Tired lines
22-013327 Douglas Lynch        Re: Juggling definition (was Re: Top Twenty Li
22-013404 GiveTake             Seven torches as filler!
22-013717 Barry Friedman       Re: Sword Swallowing (and balloons)
22-024106 JCKNFUGGLR           Re: Thirteen Club Feed
22-034723 Bram Cohen           the difficulty in juggling (was: Re: thunking 
22-035253 Kent J Quirk         Re: email addresses (fwd)
22-053806 AFC JLloyd           Re: thunking and 7's the limit...
22-054014 Mr Blubblewubbletubb Jugglers are a bunch of losers
22-061623 Raymond Lowe         Question: getting club from floor to hand
22-130852 Patrick W. Thompson  Re: Devil sticks
22-154912 David Cairns         safe fuels in the movies
22-161208 Peter Floodstrand Bl Re: Stealing five clubs from 2 count
22-170539 Robert Vancko        3 Ball start (was:    )
22-174049 Barry Friedman       Re: Comdex/Juggle
22-190226 James Tyne           Re: Jugglers are a bunch of losers
22-201204 R.W.Yeomans          What do the numbers mean?
22-213400 Joe Kopera           Re: Jugglers are a bunch
22-214212 Bruce G. Tiemann     Five club steals...

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