Rec.Juggling Archive, October 12, 1994

12-010840 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Where to find Rhythmic Gymnastics Balls?
12-012301 David                Flower Sticks
12-151319 Bert Neff            frivolously qualifying a chase
12-151447 Alan MacDonald       Re: FAQ somewhere about juggling?
12-165252 Andrew John Conway   Re: Flower Sticks
12-183732 Dan Wachspress       Learning Curves & 5 Balls
12-185933 Bruce G. Tiemann     The wimpy pattern... (repost for JIS)
12-190035 Michael Ly Nickasch  Re: Safe Fire Eating?
12-192555 Tom Stockfisch       Re: Sword Swallowing
12-204841 (thomasl)            Re: Roling Globes Wanted
12-215808 Nicholas E Matsakis  Re: Friend of the devil...
12-220102 Dan McDonald         Top Twenty Lines We're Tired Of Hearing
12-223350 Patrick W. Thompson  Re: Fire Diabolo
12-223548 Doug Harris          Re: Learning Curves & 5 Balls

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